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A Proper Plank: It’s Not Just Time That Counts

We love the plank. “It teaches intervertebral stability, which can stabilize the spine at the top of a kettlebell swing, squat or deadlift,” says Mike Fantigrassi, NASM-CPT and Master Instructor. But to get the full perks from planks, it’s important to focus on form and posture, not on a lengthy hold time.

“Planks should be held only as long as perfect position can be maintained,” says Fantigrassi. “Start with a maximum contraction of 3–10 seconds and work up to 20 reps,” he advises. If you think clients will find that surprising, look at these other ways to perfect and progress the plank:
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Chicken with Pineapple

Copycat Chipotle Chicken Recipe

So here is a damn tasty chicken dish that you can pair with rice, beans, a bit of guacamole and some salsa/hot sauce.⠀
I’ve done the stove top method and it is to die for…Like I couldn’t stop enjoying the juiciness of the chicken plus the marinade that coated the chicken. Chicken is a great source of protein and not that costly. There is also the nutritional info if you are keeping an eye on those detais for your nutritional intake.⠀

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