So as a web developer/programmer there’s often times your repeating code or retyping code. A great way around this to save a bit of time is to use snippets. “Snippets?”, you say. Yes, if you have an IDE like Dreamweaver, Eclipse, or ColdFusion Builder sometimes there included and sometimes not. From adding a page header to say when the page was first designed and all revisions afterwards to commenting lines in your code so 6 month later you actually remember what you were doing at that point in time.

Here’s a great link on how to set up Dropbox to store your snippets and to link them to Eclipse or ColdFusion Builder.

In Dreamweaver you’ll actually have to store the snippets in the proper location.

If you decide to use snippets more frequently, do a search and maybe you can find other developers/designers who have libraries set up so you aren’t coding them yourself. If you want to edit what they have you can always do revisions when you actually use the snippet the first time.