Have you ever tried tethering your camera to Adobe Lightroom? It’s a great little feature. Canon includes this feature with their software/cameras and Nikon unfortunately charges $160 for a piece of software that gives you this ability. Instead of using that small 3″ or so LCD on the back of your camera to view your photos which also renders them with jpg settings, tethering your camera to Lightroom allows you to do a couple of things.

First, It allows you to import directly to lightroom without saving the images to your camera’s memory card.

Second, you see the image right away in it’s raw unprocessed state which you can then apply your own filters/presets.

Third, it’s easier to view on a big monitor such as a 24 inch monitor compared to a 3 inch screen on your camera.

So without further a do, a couple links and a step by step on how to set up tethering for your D40X for Lightroom. This is the procedure for a Mac. I’ll look into how to set it up on windows or if anyone has done it already please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments.

1. Open up Automater.

2. Find the “Take Picture” action and drag it to the right side window. When the camera is turned on and the usb connection is active, the fields for “Camera Name” and “Camera Status” will automatically populate. Then you’ll have different options as far as which folder to add the photos to. I selected a custom folder which was stored on an external drive instead of adding to my photos folder on my desktop hard drive. You can also delete the photo from the memory card so as not to have duplicates hogging memory space.


2. Open up Adobe Lightroom.

3. Go under File > Auto Import > Auto Import Settings…


4. In this screen, you can enable Auto Import, select the watched folder, set the destination folder where you want these new photos to be added, change the image name, add any additional information such as metadata, keywords, develop settings or initial previews.

5. Click OK

6. Give your set up a run through and see how it works out for you.

Hope this helps people with older cameras that don’t have the tethering software for their camera.

Here’s a link on the dialog screen for the Auto Import Settings if you need additional info:


Some great things you can do with tethering:

Imagine taking all those photos for ebay/craigslist then having to import them and edit them. Talk about work, ugh. This way you set up your item that you want to sell, have your camera on a tripod, click the run action in Automater which doesn’t even cause you to add camera shake. It get’s imported into Lightroom and then you can make any adjustments necessary. Talk about simplicity.

You can do time-lapse photography. Set up your tripod, set up your camera, add the necessary actions in Automater, add the Auto Import feature and your camera could be snapping all day long while you are elsewhere. Talk about crafty.

Another option is say you are doing portrait photography, makes things a lot easier for you and your client to see the results. Not add that camera shake either.