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February 2015

Quick Image Cropping in Preview

Excerpted from Mac OS X Mavericks: Peachpit Learning Series by Lynn Beighley You can crop any photograph or other image very easily in Preview. Caution: When you crop an image, the part you remove is gone from the original image... Continue Reading →


Guess what day it is!!!!

It's TIPPPPPEEEEEEE TUUUUUUESDAY! Do you know what that means? I give you something at no cost, totally free that helps you out because really everybody loves something free. I know I do. So here's a valuable tip something that will... Continue Reading →

Tippy Tuesday

So I'm announcing "Tippy Tuesday" where I will try with my best efforts to give you a tip to help you with your daily productivity. The topics may be various from Web Design to Server use to well anything that... Continue Reading →

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