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February 2015

Quick Image Cropping in Preview

Excerpted from Mac OS X Mavericks: Peachpit Learning Series by Lynn Beighley

You can crop any photograph or other image very easily in Preview. Caution: When you crop an image, the part you remove is gone from the original image forever. Before cropping an image, you might want to make a duplicate of that file.
But wait, there’s more!


Guess what day it is!!!!


Do you know what that means? I give you something at no cost, totally free that helps you out because really everybody loves something free. I know I do. So here’s a valuable tip something that will change your life for the better and I want you to become better at everything you do in life. So what’s my valuable tip? Are you ready? It’s a major life changer here we go

Tippy Tuesday

So I’m announcing “Tippy Tuesday” where I will try with my best efforts to give you a tip to help you with your daily productivity. The topics may be various from Web Design to Server use to well anything that may help another person to be productive, to be safe, to live a happier life. Continue reading “Tippy Tuesday”

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