Keeping Your Desktop Uncluttered

Well it’s that time again, Tippy Tuesday. It’s been a busy week looking at new technologies and trying different things and I’ve got a great tip for you which I’ve used since I first moved to the Mac OS.

I first switched to a Mac when OS 10 was called Leopard. I was hooked from that moment on and it’s been great working on a Mac. Over the years I’ve checked out different sources for different tips and techniques to using my Mac more productively. This is a great one that I use often.

Excerpted from The Little Mac Book, Snow Leopard Edition by Robin Williams

If your Desktop is perpetually littered with open windows, try this organizing trick: When moving from one application to another, hold down the Option key before you click another icon in the Dock or on the Desktop. The Option key hides the application you’re currently using.