Where to begin as I compare code editors. For years I was a ‘sworn to the core’ Adobe Dreamweaver user….heck I was using it back when it was under Macromedia and wasn’t so “heavy”. It was amazing because it helped me in understanding code by designing something and then going into code view. I believe it was version 4 at the time and so much better than Adobe GoLive and the sorry for an excuse code editor Frontpage. Not to bash any code editor because designing web pages was fairly new with all the images and media. We’ve come along way since then.

So here is some external resources if you’d like to check out any of the editors I mention.
Brackets – http://brackets.io/
Sublime Text – http://www.sublimetext.com/
Dreamweaver – http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver.html
ColdFusion Builder – http://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion-builder.html
Edge Code – Actually they are discontinuing Edge code and supporting Brackets
GoLive – No Longer produced
Frontpage – No Longer supported

For myself, I started taking a look at other code editors and there were some great ones and some ….I’m not really a fan of code editors. I’m just mentioning a couple here and it’s not really a pro/con debate but more of my experience using said products.

So Dreamweaver is a big one for me as I mentioned. I’ve used it for a number of years creating static pages and ColdFusion pages plus a bit of CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and various other technologies. It’s a great editor but the price is what kills most people. Unless your on it day and night there’s no reason to be throwing a wad of cash for just your code editor. I recently opened Dreamweaver CC 2014 and when I did file new, it didn’t even present me the option for a ColdFusion Page or ColdFusion Component. The same company and they aren’t even offering the option. Granted there is ColdFusion Builder but some of us are die hard users….are you telling me no one uses Allaire Homesite any more. I saw someone use it last year and it was his favorite editor.

Anyways in my search to find another code editor I came across Adobe Edge Code a couple years ago and it seemed great. A stripped down editor and all your doing is hand coding…no snippets, no insert menu, no panels. It was pretty great. Then the catch, to use it you have to have Adobe Creative Cloud….another cost. So I searched on and came across the same almost identical editor called Brackets. Mind you it’s the same folks at Adobe that are creating this open source editor. It’s great because it does have add-ons for Git, Angular, and various other extensions but they don’t get in your way.

I spent the past month just coding in it and I am quite fond of it. I learned Grunt, a JavaScript Task tool and then BootStrap. The thing I like about it was the simplicity plus the little extras that you do need such as live preview. I mean come on how many times have we made edits to a page, a style or even some JS code and we have to go to our browser and refresh. A pain it really was but now with Brackets when you click the live preview option, the page automatically updates with your changes. It’s a good thing they called it live preview because it’s a great feature.

Another editor I keep hearing about is Sublime Text which I downloaded, tried but honestly I feel like I’m pulling teeth here. Not sure what it is but I feel like I’m constrained in this editor. I can change the theme of the editor like Brackets. There are various technologies which you can code in but I’m just not feeling it. There is a cost that I saw of 70 dollars. Yea I’m a bit stingy right now so no need to whip out the credit card on something I may not use longer than a month. I’ll go through a course/book and see how I fair but honestly I feel like Brackets is the right code editor for me. Not sure what you look for in an editor but if you have a comment or a suggestion I’d like to hear it.