I am a smoker and that will never change. I’ve smoked since I was 15 years old because it was seen as cool and hip plus most of the people I connected with were indeed smokers. When I started smoking a pack of cigarettes, it costed I think around 3 dollars. I lived on the state line between Massachusetts and New Hampshire so when prices rose over the years I started buying packs in New Hampshire. A pack in New Hampshire costed 2 dollars so you could spend 60 dollars a month for your habit.

Times have changed though, quite drastically I might add. A pack has risen in cost. What used to be a casual habit was now a serious addiction. I told myself when a pack of butts costed 5 dollars I would quit. It has risen close to 10 dollars and I still smoked. In fact just last summer my addiction/habit got worse where I started to smoke a pack and a half a day. It was a bad time and due to stress and anxiety, I smoked. People would often say “you stink”, “you’re ingesting poison”, “I would never kiss an ashtray” and so on and what not. I didn’t care, I still smoked. Don’t get me wrong, there were times I had enough. I did Chantix, Wellbutrin, gum, patches and cold turkey. Guess what happened? I’m sure you know because while those are cessation products, I did stop for a period of time. The thing that didn’t change was the stress around me which eventually led me to light up; not a pack right away but little by little I’d be back to a pack a day.

Then something happened.

I met a girl. I’m sure you’re all like “omg” and I’m not referring to 0 mg of nicotine to all you vapers out there. This girl challenged me and as we know when you challenge a guy. He has to prove himself. He has to throw down and be a man. So I became concerned not with my health but with hers. I didn’t want her to smell the smoke. I didn’t want her to kiss the ashtray. I didn’t want to be any less of a person then I could be with her. So I picked up an e-cigarette; a blu in fact. It was okay but after a week I went right back to regular smokes. Then I heard about vapor.

I stopped into a shop and talked to a person about it and read article after article about the topic. I took the jump with a starter kit. I got a small bottle of a flavor and bigger bottle of something else. Let me just tell you what an amazing difference. My mouth just started to pop and when I say pop, I mean POP!!!! The flavors were good and it wasn’t over powering and it wasn’t like I sat there huffing straight for 7 minutes like a regular cigarette. I took a couple puffs and was fine for a bit. Then a couple puffs and fine for a bit longer. Then one night I went to a bar and had a few drinks. I vaped up a storm. Funny thing was the vapor never bothered my eyes. I didn’t have trouble breathing after a time. My mouth could actually taste food again and flavors. Eventually I stopped carrying around a pack of butts with me as back up. After a period of time, I started giving away my remaining packs because I didn’t want to smoke them. I’m not addicted to vaping because it’s not like I run out the door every hour for a vape. It’s just here and there for specific situations where I vape more then other times such as driving, drinking but not at the same time, hanging around other smokers. There were articles I read that said this and that but who knows if they were paid off by lobbyists or by cigarette companies themselves. They are losing money in fact and no company likes to lose money.

A week ago, I bought a bigger battery and a bigger tank so I could go a day or two without the battery dying on me or not having any e-juice on me. I love using the thing to be honest. It has a bit of weight but that means I won’t drop it and smash the glass tank. I load the glass tank at the start of the day and I’m fine all day. When I was a smoker I was always congested but since I switched my nasal passages have opened up and I can breathe again actually it’s like trying to learn to re-breathe.

I don’t want to be the guy that goes around telling people how bad smoking is after I stopped because GOD knows I always hated it when quitters tried to get me to quit. This is something different. The cost of cigarettes is insane right now. I’m waiting for alcohol to be this expensive for a glass. Since I switched to using a vaporizer, I haven’t wanted a cigarette at all….unless some severe situation where my battery dies, I have no e-juice and I’m very far from home then yea I might “fumble”. Otherwise, not a chance in hell of buying a pack, bumming one or burning one.

If you have the ability and are a smoker especially a bad smoker. I’m telling you this is way way better. I feel great all the time and my mouth feels great. My clothes don’t stink and I don’t have to rush out the door or get out of bed in the morning for my first butt. I read an article recently where the author stated that someone with an e-cigarette is harmless to others that are around him. I think when people see a ‘cloud’ it’s the psychological thought process that it stinks, I won’t be able to breathe and anything else associated with smoking. Here’s a test, with a vaporizer cover your mouth when you exhale. With a cigarette, you’ll cough and hack and kill your eyes but with an e-cigarette you’ll get none of that.

Try it and I’m not recommending the throw away disposables. I’m talking at least a 2.5ml tank and a battery that lasts all day. If your a big smoker, I recommend starting at 18mg nicotine solution. It was enough to just get me off the cigarettes. I dropped down more recently to 12mg nicotine solution and still don’t have a craving for a cigarette. There are so many flavors you can try out and it’s great when you can walk into a dedicated shop that specializes in vapor because that’s all they do and they want you to get off the cigarettes. You can make your own mix of e-fluid, this started happening to me. I got my favorite coffee set up as an e-juice….I wonder if I’ll stop drinking coffee since it’s giving me the flavor satisfaction. I noticed since I started vaping that my sugar intake has gone way down…could be the flavors I’m getting such as Rainbow(tastes like skittles), Swedish Fish,Sicilian Lemon, Chocolate Hazelnut, Blue Raspberry, and Dragon Fruit.

For me, vaping has become a real life saver because I feel better and I’m not ingesting all those chemicals plus it tastes a hell of a lot better than cigarettes. Don’t take my word for it,  try it by going into a vape shop and talking to the people.