I call it v-liquid because it’s for vaping. Not e-liquid because I personally think calling these vaporizing devices, e-cigarettes adds the same connotations as cigarettes which they are not. I smoked for 25 years and at times I tried to quit by patches, gum and medications but they all didn’t help. Vaping has helped me enormously. I’m currently 85 days clean, no small accomplishment in and of itself. It wouldn’t have been possible without vaping.

Of course some or all of you have heard the negative media talk about this new hobby/field. Some could be the negative smear campaign by tobacco companies, some could not be. I don’t know. There have been studies that say vaping and the vapor that is exhaled is just as clean as the air you breathe. Personally I like I don’t see cigarette butts all over the place. I also like that I can smell better and my congestion is gone. My lungs feel better and I don’t stink.

Of course now there are multiple companies jumping on the band wagon and making v-liquid. Looking at their marketing it looks like they are marketing to kids which I don’t support. I have a huge sweet tooth so I actually like buying v-liquid that has that candy, cereal or fruit taste. That’s my thing. I also don’t touch tobacco flavors because I’m too concerned that it might make me switch back to actual cigarettes. Sometimes it can be worrysome that a company might not disclose what they are actually putting in their v-liquid. On most accounts they mention propylene glycol which is a viscous colorless liquid which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. Then there is Vegetable Glycerin or Glycerol is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. Then there may or may not be nicotine depending on if you want nicotine; you can tell on the label by the milligrams; ie: 0,3,6,12,18,24 are the most common. There is also food flavorings which are food grade and you can find them in most foods. There may or may not be water or additional substances. Always get your v-liquid from a reputable source to be safe.

There are so many companies out there that one company may make liquid differently than another so it’s nice to have options and to try different manufacturers. I personally have found some great ones and some that I still want to try.

With anything there are precautions. I personally haven’t gotten into mechanical mods or RDAs so I can’t comment on them at this time. If you decide to venture into that area, please be careful and educate yourself with articles and youtube before you do something you could regret. Last thing vaping needs is negative media when it has helped numerous smokers quit. It’s also allowed for innovation, creativity, a billion dollar industry and experimentation.