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December 2015

You Can’t Fool This Trainer!

Excerpted from The Apple Watch Book: Master the Most Personal Computer in Your Life by Scott McNulty.


watch-activity-overview-trimmedThe Activity app on the Apple Watch is meant to record your activity as you go throughout your day, encouraging you to move a bit more. (It doesn’t provide real-time feedback as you’re engaged in strenuous exercise, though; for that, use the Workout app.) Continue reading “You Can’t Fool This Trainer!”


Share Photos or Videos Via AirDrop

Excerpted from Photos for OS X and iOS: Take, Edit, and Share Photos in the Apple Photography Ecosystem by Jeff Carlson. Use coupon code MACTIP for 35% off—plus free shipping in the U.S.—on this title.

Want to share a photo or video with someone who’s physically located near you? Apple’s AirDrop technology makes it easy. Make sure the devices—iOS or Mac—are nearby, and then follow these steps:
Continue reading “Share Photos or Videos Via AirDrop”

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