Excerpted from Photos for OS X and iOS: Take, Edit, and Share Photos in the Apple Photography Ecosystem by Jeff Carlson. Use coupon code MACTIP for 35% off—plus free shipping in the U.S.—on this title.

Want to share a photo or video with someone who’s physically located near you? Apple’s AirDrop technology makes it easy. Make sure the devices—iOS or Mac—are nearby, and then follow these steps:

  1. In Photos for OS X or iOS, select one or more photos to share.
  2. Click or tap the Share button.
  3. On the Mac, choose AirDrop and wait for the recipient’s device or Mac to appear. The other person must have the iOS device turned on, or have AirDrop selected in a Finder window. On an iOS device, the other person’s device will show up in the AirDrop area of the share sheet.
  4. Click or tap the destination device’s icon. The other person must agree to receive the image(s) before the transfer begins.

If other users don’t show up in the AirDrop pane, try setting their AirDrop preference to Everyone. On iOS, swipe up to reveal Control Center and tap the AirDrop button; on the Mac, check your firewall settings in the Security & Privacy preference pane.

Note: To share via AirDrop between iOS devices and Macs, you need a Mac newer than 2012. Some earlier Macs can share via AirDrop with other Macs.