Excerpted from The Apple Watch Book: Master the Most Personal Computer in Your Life by Scott McNulty.


watch-activity-overview-trimmedThe Activity app on the Apple Watch is meant to record your activity as you go throughout your day, encouraging you to move a bit more. (It doesn’t provide real-time feedback as you’re engaged in strenuous exercise, though; for that, use the Workout app.) The Activity app is pretty motivating, but when combined with notifications it can change your behavior. By default, your Apple Watch will notify you when you haven’t stood for the first 50 minutes of an hour. You’ll also be notified when you meet each of the goals as you go throughout the day.

To modify these notifications, launch the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone and tap Activity. Adjust settings as needed, such as turning off the Activity glance or the “stand up” reminders. If you don’t want to be notified about goal completions or achievements, or receive weekly or four-hour updates, turn off those options.