sidebend_core_finalSometimes that fat just sits on your hips and it’s really tough to get rid of so you do Russian Twists, bicycle and other various exercises.

This exercise is one of my favorites, it’s the Side Bend. It concentrates more on the obliques. Some people use dumbbells but I do it this way as a variation.

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bend.
2. Arms straight at your sides, slowly lean side to side, accentuating the range of motion. Both sets of obliques will work in each direction as you lower and raise.

If you prefer, you can work one side at a time. –
Also, you can try holding one dumbbell and place the other hand behind your head for optimal balance.

You can see a video demonstration here: Side Bend Demonstration

You can always find more examples of exercises on my instagram @zanzibar96