I’m passionate about creating beautiful stories, sites, photos, films. While each venture has been a learning process it has shaped me into how I see the world. Sometimes as magical as a child would see it or dark and demented as a horror movie.

I think the things we are bombarded with daily can have a negative or positive influence. We have the ability to create something from nothing, imagination is quite possibly the highest form of intelligence.

As a young kid, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career. I figured life would guide me where it needed me. Years later, I’ve seen beautiful lands. I’ve met quite a few interesting people and have tried to share my knowledge and skills with each and everyone of them.

I’ve done web design for the past 10+ years in all kinds of industries from manufacturing to health care. I specialize in Adobe ColdFusion. I started to learn about photography 6+ years ago but only took it seriously the past 3 years and have created some beautiful images, one by one. I’ve recently discovered post production and film production just from a GoPro camera I got as a present. Creating clips from just driving down the road, personal documentaries and even the idea for a short little film.

I think there is nothing better than discovering and learning something new to share it with others.