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The Importance of Staring out the Window

Often times I catch myself staring out a window either at work or at home. I never really understood it. I even did it as a child but at that age, I wondered where everyone was going. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken the habit up again and I thought it was just me wanting to be out in the world exploring and taking on new adventures but after a little research I came to this article on the site Book of Life;  Continue reading “The Importance of Staring out the Window”


How to display formulas instead of results

With a quick keystroke combination, you can toggle between the results of a formula and the formula itself in Microsoft Excel.
Simply press Ctrl + ~ To switch back to results, just do the same thing.  ctrltilde327047285

React…a javascript framework

I’m just getting started down this path of learning React and it is quite enjoyable and easy to get up to speed fast. While going through the tutorial, it was easy to follow. While tutorials only do so much, it’s what you learn in the process that shows you understood the material. So I attempted to add a bit more to the example…and within minutes it was there and working. While there is some tweaks to be added. I got to say it was great to learn this framework and I am quite fond of it. Give it a view if you haven’t already. I highly recommend it if you want more custom components when it comes to your views.


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