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Create Perfect Natural Light By Cheating

Whoops! It appears I’m a day late with my Tippy Tuesday updates….I hope I’m not a day late to my own funeral that would be a serious scheduling conflict.

So my tip today deals with Photography. Yup a bit different from the traditional Mac tips and life tips but still quite useful. So onward.

If you’re faced with nothing but harsh direct sunlight through your open window, you can cheat—just go to your local department store and buy two things: (1) a frosted white shower curtain (or shower curtain liner), and (2) some tacks or push pins. Go to your harsh light windows, tack up your frosted shower curtain, and enjoy the diffused natural light.



Tethering a D40X to Lightroom

Have you ever tried tethering your camera to Adobe Lightroom? It’s a great little feature. Canon includes this feature with their software/cameras and Nikon unfortunately charges $160 for a piece of software that gives you this ability. Instead of using that small 3″ or so LCD on the back of your camera to view your photos which also renders them with jpg settings, tethering your camera to Lightroom allows you to do a couple of things. Continue reading “Tethering a D40X to Lightroom”

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