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How to display formulas instead of results

With a quick keystroke combination, you can toggle between the results of a formula and the formula itself in Microsoft Excel.
Simply press Ctrl + ~ To switch back to results, just do the same thing.  ctrltilde327047285

Control Access to Your Data

Excerpted from The iPad Air and iPad mini Pocket Guide, Fifth Edition by Jeff Carlson

To prevent an app from slurping all of your contacts or other sensitive information, iOS requires that you give your permission before an app is granted access to your underlying data. For example, when you first open the Find My Friends app, you’re asked if you want to allow it to access your Contacts list. Continue reading “Control Access to Your Data”

Estimating Power Needs for Your Mac Devices

Excerpted from Managing Apple Devices: Deploying and Maintaining iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Devices, Second Edition by Arek Dreyer and Kevin M. White.

You can estimate the power requirements of new equipment by gathering information from Apple’s websites and then using simple calculations. Apple rates all of its devices by the maximum amount of power (watts) used during operation or charging. Most electric outlets and circuits, on the other hand, are rated by the amount of current that runs through the wiring (amps).

Continue reading “Estimating Power Needs for Your Mac Devices”

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