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A Proper Plank: It’s Not Just Time That Counts

We love the plank. “It teaches intervertebral stability, which can stabilize the spine at the top of a kettlebell swing, squat or deadlift,” says Mike Fantigrassi, NASM-CPT and Master Instructor. But to get the full perks from planks, it’s important... Continue Reading →


How to display formulas instead of results

With a quick keystroke combination, you can toggle between the results of a formula and the formula itself in Microsoft Excel. Simply press Ctrl + ~ To switch back to results, just do the same thing.  

Control Access to Your Data

Excerpted from The iPad Air and iPad mini Pocket Guide, Fifth Edition by Jeff Carlson To prevent an app from slurping all of your contacts or other sensitive information, iOS requires that you give your permission before an app is... Continue Reading →

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