screenshotBornSo this is a project that I did for a Motion Graphics class and learning to use Adobe After Effects. The idea was to create a product/service using only a 1-2 minutes of video. Everything had to be formatted for HD content.

The idea I came up with was for a horror movie trailer but due to time constraints I had to settle for a title sequence. Women can be a muse for me when it comes to creating art. If I’m surrounded by a kind and positive person then a lot of my work will show that and the reverse is true, a negative person then there will be some dark pieces. While creating the idea for this project I came up with a lot of scenes in my head due to being subjected to a negative person. It had felt like this dark negative entity had come and taken over by disrupting my sleep and eating patterns. So I tried to storyboard something that would pull you into the film.

There are parts of the film that I pulled from other sources such as a Warner Bros. logo in the first 20 seconds. There is a couple of film sequences from the History channel, a Disturbed video and various pictures. The music is Survivalism by Nine Inch Nails off the Year Zero album. While I had selected another song to be the audio, it also wasn’t working but listening to a couple of tracks that had that dark presence allowed me to end up with my choice.

Caution: There is a strobe effect and may cause seizures.

Born Title Sequence