While working at PTC during the summer/fall of 2014, I was brought on to create a central reporting tool which showcased all of their markets. In the image I have fake data but when hooked up this view showed different areas of the business and their market projections and actual values. There is also the option to drill down to a specific market as you can see from the icons underneath the worldwide table header. There is the option to edit specific areas of the data as you can see from the green pencil edit icon. There is actually more data than shown on this page as you can see by the expand “plus” icons located at the far right on the page and the one beside the revenue table.

This was an amazing opportunity to work on. The page had about 51 data tables which is no small feat plus to make sure every table was getting the correct calculations from its source an oracle database and from a salesforce datasource.

The portal was built with ColdFusion on the company’s custom framework. I used some jQuery, some custom javascript for the 3 tier dropdown and some assistance from a co-worker in developing the code so that each table had it’s own independant functionality. There was also connecting to an Oracle datasource for some data. Towards the end of the contract there was the idea to add AJAX functionality to specific tables so once a user edited some data when they returned to the page it would automatically update accordingly.

As you can see there is also the tab functionality which would get a snapshot of the previous month and then a snapshot of the past 3 months.